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Soapbox racing


Professional coaches guide your employees through this exciting team event where every team needs to design and build their own soapbox racer.

Suggested programme sequence

10.00 p.m. Welcome, Goal and Content Introduction
10.15 p.m. Start soapbox construction / development marketing strategy
12.30 a.m. Lunch
1.15 p.m. Part 2 soapbox construction
2.00 p.m. Team introduction
3.00 p.m. The race
4.00 p.m. Podium ceremony and debriefing

Winning the race is the goal – and to do so, you have to work as a team. Starting with the driver and leading up to the team manager – every team member has to fulfill his or her tasks in order to be the winning team!

After the welcome, your Guests will be introduced to the content and the goals of this teambuilding event. Subsequently the main part of this incentive starts: every team needs to develop and build a soapbox racer by their own!

In the afternoon the highlight is about to take place: the race! The stop watch will decide which team is going to win this event!

The roles for every team, depending on the number of members (5-8 Persons per Group)
2 Mechanics
2 Soapbox Designer
1 Resources Administrator
1 Driver
1 Marketing manager
1 Team manager and presenter

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