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big boys - big bulldozers

During this teambuilding event, your guests can dig up, push and shovel vast amounts of rubble with the beautiful Eifel Mountains in the background.

Possible Programme Sequence for this event
3.00 p.m.       Welcoming and briefing
3.30 p.m.       Begin practice
4.30 p.m.       Team competition
6.00 p.m.       End of competition rewarded with BBQ

With the help of a huge hydraulic digger, to prove their skills, precision and team qualities under competition, this event is predestinated for a teambuilding activity. Every competitor, be it male or female, can demonstrate what he or she ´s got on the digger and how they´re work together as a team!


There´s possible more in store for your guests

  • Workshop in convention center
  • BBQ
  • Evening entertainment and overnight stay
  • Bulldozer competition



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