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Race Room Simulators

Do it like the Pro´s: Drive and train at the racesimulator! With our mobile Race Room race simulators your guests can race themselves no matter if exhibition, company celebration or branch opening.

Suggested programme sequence during an exhibition

Pre exhibition                    Setup and delivery of the simulators by our employees.
During exhibition               Support of the simulators during the whole exhibition.
Post exhibition                  Dismantling and removal of the simulators by our employees.


Suggested programme sequence during an event at the Nürburgring

05.00 pm                  Arrival at the Race Room at the Nürburgring Boulevard
05.10 pm                  Introduction and drivers briefing
05.15 pm                  Start of the 15 minute free practice session
05.30 pm                  Start of the 15 minute qualifying session
05.45 pm                  Start of the 30 minute race
06.15 pm                  End of the Race and victory ceremony

Starting at the Nürburgring Grand Prix Kurs, changing to the Nordschleife and ending at american tracks like Laguna Seca and Road America – the software in use allows every car- and track combination you can possibly think of: No matter if Touringcar or Formula 1 – Your Guests can push the pedale to the metal!

The sophisticated software gives the driver a fast feedback and the high quality sound equipment provides the driver with the right sound. You also have the possibility to race directly at the Nürburging to round up your event day at the green hell with some virtual racing!

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