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Inside Paddock

behind the scenes at a professional racing series

Our up close event at the Nürburgring: Inside Paddock

Possible programme sequence for the endurance racing championship at the Nürburgring

09.00 a.m.     Welcoming guests at the Lindner Hotel
10.00 a.m.      Visit to paddocks and pitlane
11.00 a.m.      Visit start grid directly on the race track
11.45 a.m.      Position yourself for the start of the race on the grandstand or another spectacular                                 viewpoint
Midday           Witness the start of the race and visit points of interest at the Nordschleife
01.00 p.m.      Lunch
02.00 p.m.      Watch the race from different outlooks
04.00 p.m.      Get excited watching the finish and experience the award ceremony
05.00 p.m.      End of a rewarding day at the motor race

More than 200 motorsports events attract fans from all over the world each season at the Nürburgring. In this context, we  offer our incentive Inside Paddock. During this event our guides take your guests to visit the pit lane, the start grid and the paddock – your guests will get an exclusive behind the scenes look.
Professional racedrivers and their teams allow a profound and exciting look, while you shall experience the fast pace at one of the world´s most challenging and famous racetracks.

While the race is on the way, our guides will show your guests the most spectacular places to watch the cars passing by.

Make use of the relaxed atmosphere, which is released by motorsport events: start a dialogue with your guests and share the experience and feelings provided through this unique event.


More activities for your guests:

  • have a drink in the lounge located above the paddocks
  • take part in a workshop at the Lindner Hotel
  • race along the Nordschleife in a race taxi
  • enjoy a BBQ at the Nordschleife
  • stay overnight after an evening programme
  • drive yourself as part of an event


Would you like to experience the cockpit view, the sizzling tarmac and the last minutes filled with suspense before the race begins from a close up view?

Your guests could drive themselves following the safety car before the race starts, alternatively they could cause the tyres to smoke while drifting on asphalt areas close by, or they could go along as co-driver in a race taxi dressed in proper racing attire.

A drink and exchange of experiences in the Lounge on the roof of the paddocks afterwards could help to calm down nerves.



The dates for the next season will be published here as soon as they are announced. 

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