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Driving sideways on your own

Drifting, the eays way – with our driftkarts you will be able to learn the basics of drifting in a nutshell. It is the easiest way to develope your skills for the art of drifting.

Our programme includes theorie, which will be teached by experienced instructors. After the theorie you have the chance to show what you got in the practice. After practice, the competition is waiting for you: the best and smoothest drifts will be judged by our jury.

In the “Battle of Champions” the best of four will start in groups of two against each other: Now it counts, you need to get as close as possible to your opponent without touching him. Again, our jury will judge your drifting together with how close you got.

In the end, our jury will name a winner for the “Battle of Champions”.

Exemplarischer Programmablauf im Rahmen des Nürburgring Drift Cups

11.30 Uhr Welcoming at the kart track
11.45 Uhr Introduction to the karts and the procedure
12.00 Uhr Trackwalk
12.15 Uhr Start of free drifting (practice)
13.00 Uhr Start of the qualification for the “Battle of Champions”
14.00 Uhr Battle of Champions
14.45 Uhr Award ceremony

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